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ASIC ‘sets the record straight’ on its approach to foreign bribery and provides key lessons for directors

Australia - October 11 2013 Over the last fortnight, there has been significant media criticism of ASIC's approach to foreign bribery cases. Today, ASIC Chairman Greg Medcraft…

Caroline Cox, Andrew Eastwood

Update on Australia's National Anti-Corruption Plan and final public consultation

Australia - July 12 2012 The Attorney General's Department yesterday held its final public consultation on the National Anti-Corruption Plan with representatives from the business community, academia, advocacy groups (such as Transparency International and Oxfam) and professional advisers.

Caroline Cox

Former AWB CFO admits contraventions

Australia - June 22 2012 ASIC has secured another breakthrough in its civil proceedings against former directors and officers of AWB, with former CFO Paul Ingleby becoming the second former AWB director or officer to acknowledge in court that he had contravened the Corporations Act 2001. 

Caroline Cox

Former AWB director admits contraventions

Australia - June 1 2012 •ASIC has achieved a breakthrough in its long-running proceedings against former directors of AWB, with former Managing Director Andrew Lindberg admitting in court that he contravened the Corporations Act 2001 by failing to act with the required care and diligence as an AWB director.

Caroline Cox

Margin lender vindicated

Australia - January 27 2011 The Full Court of the Federal Court in Leveraged Equities v Goodridge [2011] FCAFC 31 has reversed the first instance decision of Rares J and in doing so has upheld the conduct of the margin lender, Leveraged Equities Limited (LE), in selling down the securities underlying the margin loan.

Simone Fletcher