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Some further observations on anti-hawking and cross-positioning in financial services

Australia - July 21 2021 We have previously written about our 12 principles that apply to the implementation of the new anti-hawking regime (NAHR), as well as some…

Steven Rice, Crystal Sanders, Michael Vrisakis

Efficiently, Honestly and (still) Fairly Uncertain - The Quest for Certainty

Australia - November 8 2022 The continuing uncertainty around the provision requiring licensees to provide financial services ‘efficiently, honestly and fairly’ under section…

Andrew Eastwood, Abby Sutherland, Michael Vrisakis

The landscape on general and personal advice

Australia - July 24 2020 This month we expect to read the written submission filed by ASIC in respect of the High Court case of Westpac Securities Administration Limited v…

Charlotte Henry, Steven Rice, Fiona Smedley, Hartley Spring, Michael Vrisakis

Fair game: A sectoral focus on unfair terms in financial services

Australia - August 17 2020 In Australia, the unfair terms regime has existed in various forms since the 1970s. In the present day, it exists in multiple federal legislative…

Guy Spielman, Charlotte Henry, Philip Hopley, Sky Kim, Michael Vrisakis

Financial services in the social media age: The rise and risks of ‘finfluencers’

Australia - April 4 2022 During the COVID-19 pandemic, a record number of first-time traders flocked to the market, which propelled financial influencers ('finfluencers')…

Abby Sutherland, Michael Vrisakis