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The Good Advice Duty: the animals remix or back to the future?

Australia - September 28 2022 One of the very memorable catch phrases from the Animals’ song repertoire goes along the lines of “Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”…

Andrew Bradley, Maged Girgis, Fiona Smedley, Abby Sutherland, Michael Vrisakis

Anti-hawking in financial services: Some observations on multi-product discounts

Australia - June 28 2022 For some time now, the issue of whether a sales representative can cross-position different insurance policies or financial products through the…

Abby Sutherland, Michael Vrisakis

Financial services in the social media age: The rise and risks of ‘finfluencers’

Australia - April 4 2022 During the COVID-19 pandemic, a record number of first-time traders flocked to the market, which propelled financial influencers ('finfluencers')…

Abby Sutherland, Michael Vrisakis

State of Play: The unconscionable conduct yo-yo goes back to the High Court

Australia - March 21 2022 We have previously written about the doctrine of unconscionable conduct, where we follow the developing law of both statutory and equitable…

Abby Sutherland, Michael Vrisakis

Super’s super mergers: A brave new world

Australia - December 13 2021 A by-product of the recent results of the first APRA Your Future, Your Super (YFYS) performance assessment (more on that in our previous article…

Scott Donald, Ruth Stringer, Abby Sutherland, Michael Vrisakis