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FSR GPS: ASIC Breach Reporting- How to assess criminal offence provisions

Australia - February 21 2023 This edition of Guidelines, Principles and Strategies (GPS) outlines how to assess criminal offences in the context of ASIC's breach reporting regime…

Andrew Eastwood, Shan-Verne Liew, Hugh Paynter, Crystal Sanders, Abby Sutherland, Michael Vrisakis, Christine Wong

FSR GPS: The substratum rule in superannuation

United Kingdom - February 12 2023 It is common for superannuation trustees to seek to amend the governing rules of a superannuation fund. This regularly occurs during fund and product…

Andrew Bradley, Scott Donald, Maged Girgis, Michael Vrisakis

Evidencing superannuation’s ‘best financial interests duty’ - the Beauty or the Beast?

Australia - February 1 2023 We're really sorry about this, but it's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between humans and bots these days.

Andrew Bradley, Maged Girgis, Madeline Muddle, Michael Vrisakis

Efficiently, Honestly and (still) Fairly Uncertain - The Quest for Certainty

Australia - November 8 2022 The continuing uncertainty around the provision requiring licensees to provide financial services ‘efficiently, honestly and fairly’ under section…

Andrew Eastwood, Abby Sutherland, Michael Vrisakis

The breach reporting chasm

Australia - November 1 2022 On 27 October 2022, ASIC released its first publication of information lodged under the new breach reporting regime, Report 740 Insights from the…

Andrew Bradley, Andrew Eastwood, Maged Girgis, Charlotte Henry, Alice Molan, Fiona Smedley, Abby Sutherland, Michael Vrisakis