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Is it game over for computer-implemented inventions in Australia?

Australia - December 23 2021 The Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has provided some clarity on assessing whether computer-implemented inventions constitute patentable…

Brae Aslanidis, Nick Bradman, Aaron Hayward

Emma and Rebekah Talk IP: Reflections and Predictions: It’s a wrap on 2021

Australia - December 22 2021 In this podcast series, Australian partners Rebekah Gay and Emma Iles explore a variety of topics, issues and areas of intellectual property law. In…

Ashley Carlstein, Rebekah Gay, Aaron Hayward, Emma Iles, Shaun McVicar, Tess Mierendorff, Steve Wong

Reckitt Benckiser puts a Finish (for now) to competitor’s launch of dishwashing tablets

Australia - September 15 2021 Businesses launching a new brand in the Australian market need to consider the competitive landscape of existing brands, and the risk of a competitor…

Vanessa Jiang, Byron Turner

Not all’s “fair dealing” in war and Greenpeace: Federal Court confirms limits of the “parody or satire” exception to copyright infringement

United Kingdom - June 11 2021 The Federal Court’s decision in AGL v Greenpeace1 confirms that using a corporate logo in activist or protest materials may be permissible under both…

Aaron Hayward, Byron Turner

Copyright owners “Don’t have to take it”: Federal Court of Australia awards substantial remedy for copyright infringement, plus double damages for flagrancy

Australia - May 10 2021 The Federal Court’s recent decision in Universal Music v Palmer, in which Mr Palmer was ordered to pay AU$1.5 million for his unauthorised use of the…

Aaron Hayward, Sophie Yates