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Anti-hawking regulations for financial services registered

Australia - August 9 2021 On Friday 6 August 2021, Treasury registered the long-awaited anti-hawking regulations in relation to financial services, which can be found here…

Tamanna Islam, Crystal Sanders, Hartley Spring, Michael Vrisakis

Some further observations on anti-hawking and cross-positioning in financial services

Australia - July 21 2021 We have previously written about our 12 principles that apply to the implementation of the new anti-hawking regime (NAHR), as well as some…

Tamanna Islam, Crystal Sanders, Michael Vrisakis

Draft Financial Accountability Regime legislation released for comment

Australia - July 19 2021 On 16 July, Treasury released Exposure Draft legislation for the Financial Accountability Regime (FAR)(FAR Bill). While the FAR Bill has some…

Tamanna Islam, Crystal Sanders, Michael Vrisakis

The evolving structure of insurance contracts, distribution & the new anti-hawking regime

Australia - July 8 2021 Following the publication of our principles on the new anti-hawking regime for financial products, we have been advising many life insurers and…

Philip Hopley, Tamanna Islam, Crystal Sanders, Michael Vrisakis

ASIC’s consultation on regulator guidance closes as financial service and credit licensees prepare for Australia’s breach reporting reforms

Australia - June 21 2021 In April of this year, we wrote about draft guidance released by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) on the significant…

Charlotte Alexander, Danielle briers, Andrew Eastwood, Luke Hastings, Fiona Smedley, Jacqueline Wootton