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Q&A: vertical agreements in United Kingdom

United Kingdom - September 2 2022 A Q&A guide to oil regulation in United Kingdom, covering special rules and exemptions, resale price maintenance , geoblocking and territorial restrictions, platform bans and much more.

Kristien Geeurickx, Veronica Roberts

Competition in Digital Markets: Global Overview

Global - September 1 2022 The term ‘digital markets’ is generally used as a shorthand for all business activities that make use of digital technology, either to support…

Kyriakos Fountoukakos, Kristien Geeurickx

Supreme Court endorses CAT’s approach to costs in Pfizer and Flynn

United Kingdom - June 1 2022 On 25 May 2022 the Supreme Court overturned the Court of Appeal’s ruling on costs in Pfizer and Flynn Pharma and concluded that the Competition…

Kristien Geeurickx, Andrew North

CARTEL INTEL- Cartel crackdown continues and intensifies

European Union, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom - May 12 2022 "Dawn raids will continue to remain a crucial fact-finding tool ... There is definitely more to come". A stark warning from Maria Jaspers, director…

Adrian Brown, Henar González Durántez, Florian Huerkamp, Marie Louvet, Jean Meijer, Francesca Morra, Marcel Nuys, Sergio Sorinas, Daniel Vowden

UK Government publishes its proposals for a new pro-competition regime for digital markets

United Kingdom - May 10 2022 On 6 May 2022 the UK government published its response to the July 2021 consultation on a new pro-competition regime for digital markets (see our…

Kristien Geeurickx, André Pretorius, Peter Rowland