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Marketing a product as an “alternative” is no answer to trade mark infringement

Australia - September 14 2021 The Full Court of the Federal Court has found that marketing a product as an “alternative” to a trade-marked brand is no answer to a claim of…

Aaron Hayward, Shaun McVicar, Bryce Robinson

“Why cannot our own creations also create?”: AI systems can be patent inventors in Australia

Australia - August 2 2021 An artificial intelligence system is capable of being named as an “inventor” of patentable subject matter, according to the Federal Court’s recent…

Claire Dorse, Aaron Hayward, Tess Mierendorff

Copyright owners “Don’t have to take it”: Federal Court of Australia awards substantial remedy for copyright infringement, plus double damages for flagrancy

Australia - May 10 2021 The Federal Court’s recent decision in Universal Music v Palmer, in which Mr Palmer was ordered to pay AU$1.5 million for his unauthorised use of the…

Sue Gilchrist, Aaron Hayward

Unfolding privacy class actions in Australia

Australia - January 30 2020 Claimants in Australia face a number of challenges to successfully bringing a privacy class action, including the absence of a clear cause of action…

Thomas Boban, Peter Butler, Ting Fan, Brigitte Rheinberger, John Tsaousidis