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High Court finds that bank’s notice of event of default under section 5(a)(i) of the 2002 ISDA Master Agreement is valid

United Kingdom - November 17 2022 The High Court has summarily determined that a bank’s default notice of an event of default to an energy company, for failure to pay monies due under…

Nihar Lovell, Mannat Sabhikhi

Green credentials: walking an advertising tightrope

United Kingdom - November 10 2022 In October 2022, the Advertising Standards Authority (the ASA) ruled for the first time that a bank had misrepresented its green credentials and…

Neil Blake, Andrew Lidbetter, Abigail West

ESG Updates - The Bank of England Climate Biennial Exploratory Scenario

United Kingdom - June 14 2022 The Bank of England (“BoE“) has published the results of the Climate Biennial Exploratory Scenario (“CBES“), which explores the financial risks posed…

Sousan Gorji, Eleanor Dole Sheaf

How to navigate the Autonomy judgment: guidance for corporate issuers defending Section 90A / Schedule 10A FSMA shareholder claims

United Kingdom - June 9 2022 The High Court has handed down its long-awaited judgment in the US$5 billion civil fraud action brought by the Hewlett Packard group in connection…

Ceri Morgan

Biannual Banking Litigation Update (Spring 2022)

United Kingdom - May 6 2022 One of the hottest topics for the sector remains the Quincecare duty, which has been at the centre of a Number of high profile cases against banks…

Chris Bushell, Julian Copeman, John Corrie, Emma Deas, Ben Goodman, Damien Byrne Hill, Natasha Johnson, Rupert Lewis, Nihar Lovell, Ceri Morgan