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COP27 and the UK energy sector - between a rock and a hard place

United Kingdom - November 8 2022 In 2021 the UK enshrined in law a pledge to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035 (compared to 1990 levels), with an overarching commitment to reach net…

Zoe Asher, Jannis Bille, Silke Goldberg

Energy Prices Act 2022—need for secondary legislation

United Kingdom - November 3 2022 Energy analysis: The Energy Prices Act (the Act), introduced as a Bill to Parliament on 12 October 2022, was passed into law on 25 October 2022…

Silke Goldberg, Chloe Njamfa

UK review of electricity market arrangements: starting gun fired on multi-year revolutionary reform?

United Kingdom - August 18 2022 On 18 July 2022 the Government released a consultation on options for all non-retail electricity markets in Great Britain: the wholesale market…

Paul Butcher, Silke Goldberg

UK Energy Security Bill introduced amid political turmoil has wide-ranging implications for the sector

United Kingdom - July 12 2022 Amid political uncertainty, the Government last week published its long-awaited Energy Security Bill. Despite the political turmoil, this is expected…

Paul Butcher, Silke Goldberg

Expanding the UK emissions trading scheme to cover esmissions from waste

European Union, United Kingdom - April 14 2022 At the end of March, the UK Government published its long-awaited consultation (the “Consultation”) on the further development of the UK Emissions…

Jannis Bille, Silke Goldberg, Nusrat Zar