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Future cities series - Infra disputes turning to mediation

United Kingdom - September 16 2021 Mediation is set to become a bigger part of resolving infra disputes in increasingly connected global cities. It's 2025 and you are Managing Counsel…

Olga Dementyeva, Susan Field, Alexander Oddy, Craig Tevendale

Future cities series: mediation as a standard element of infrastructure disputes

European Union - July 6 2021 It's 2025 and you are Managing Counsel in a large construction company based in a EU country, and you are faced with a potential breach of contract…

Olga Dementyeva, Susan Field, Alexander Oddy, Craig Tevendale

Insurance and Reinsurance Disputes Annual Review 2020

European Union, United Kingdom - February 11 2021 2020 also saw some significant changes proposed to two important procedural aspects of litigation the preparation of witness statements and…

Greig Anderson, Jenny Andrews, Priya Aswani, Hugh Bannister, David Bennett, Neil Blake, Aviv Boonin, Chris Bushell, Amy Cave, Bianca Chang, Simon Clarke, Stephen Conyers, Andrew Cooke, Julian Copeman, Clive Cunningham, Nikita Davé, Anthony Dempster, Harry Edwards, Julie Farley, Peter Frost, William Gibson, Joanna Giza, Anna Henderson, Damien Byrne Hill, Barnaby Hinnigan, Michael Hunt, Sarah Irons, Natasha Johnson, David Jones, Chris Parker KC, Paul Lewis, Kate Macmillan, Geoffrey Maddock, John Mathew, Alison Matthews, Holly McCann, Maura McIntosh, Sarah McNally, Richard Mendoza, Yasmin Mitha, Robert Moore, Ceri Morgan, Grant Murtagh, Alexander Oddy, Olivia Odubanjo, Jonah Oliver, Jan O'Neill, Arpen Pansari, Nick Pantlin, Anish Patel, Antonia Pegden, Sarah Penfold, Anna Pertoldi, André Pretorius, Kevin Pullen, Emma Reid, David Reston, Isabel Rigby, Dan Saunders, Wendy Saunders, Tristan Smith, Mark Staley, Howard Watson, Alan Watts, Rachelle Waxman, John Whiteoak

English High Court sets aside lmaa award on the basis that the arbitral tribunal lacked substantive jurisdiction

United Kingdom - July 6 2020 In MVV Environment Davenport Ltd v NTO Shipping GMBH & CO, MV Nortrader [2020] EWHC 1371 Comm, the High Court (the “Court”) set aside an LMAA award…

Chris Parker KC

The High Court disallows a substantial proportion of a successful defendant’s costs on the basis of an unreasonable refusal to mediate

United Kingdom - May 19 2020 In Wales (t/a Selective Investment Services) v CBRE Managed Services Ltd & Anor [2020] EWHC 1050 (Comm) (30 April 2020) (Wales), the High Court (the…

Alexander Oddy