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Freezing orders brought onto the blockchain and service of proceedings via NFTs

United Kingdom - June 20 2022 The challenge of enforcing court orders in respect of cryptocurrencies may become easier, following the settlement announced last week between the…

Chris Bushell, Rafael Lawrence, Philip Lis, Charlie Morgan

Court of Appeal finds claim for wasted expenditure not excluded by clause excluding consequential losses

United Kingdom - May 26 2022 The Court of Appeal has found that a clause excluding consequential losses, or loss of profits, revenue or savings, did not preclude a claimant…

Martin Hevey, Ramyaa Veerabathran

The long-awaited Procurement Bill goes before Parliament: 10 key features

United Kingdom - May 24 2022 The much-anticipated Procurement Bill was laid before the UK Parliament on 11 May and has already received its first reading in the House of Lords…

Tim Briggs, Adrian Brown, Andrew Lidbetter, Nusrat Zar

High Court finds Covid-19 pandemic did not trigger a material adverse change clause in a contract for Premier League broadcasting rights

United Kingdom - January 26 2022 A recent High Court decision shows that whether or not a material adverse change clause will be found to be triggered by Covid-19 is a highly…

Maura McIntosh, Anna Pertoldi

Two steps forward and one step back: the Government’s response to the consultation on reform of UK procurement law

European Union, United Kingdom - December 14 2021 The UK Government has issued its long-awaited response to the consultation on the proposed reform of UK law on public procurement. This consultation…

Tim Briggs, Adrian Brown, Nusrat Zar