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Automotive transforming the industry

Global - November 4 2021 The global automotive industry is facing unprecedented challenges as it responds to the drive to decarbonise the transport sector to meet national…

Dr Soenke Becker, Silke Goldberg, Roddy Martin, Graeme Preston, Elaine Wong

Trust on a plate: Consumer confidence and food safety

European Union, United Kingdom - December 7 2020 Consumer confidence in the origins and safety of the food they consume is a significant aspect of food brand protection and longevity. Maintaining…

David Bennett, Susan Black, Julie Chiu, Cellia Cotan Cognard, Alex Cravero, Rebekah Gay, Cathy Liu, Giulia Maienza, Richard Mendoza, Rachel Montagnon, Pietro Pouché, Joel Smith, Andrea Sneddon, Kristin Stammer, Anna Vandervliet, Cici Wang, Aoife Xuereb

US Department of Transportation Issues Updated Guidance on Automated Vehicles

USA - October 10 2018 The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued a new federal guidance for automated vehicles intended to support the safe and cost-effective…

James Allsop, Joseph G Falcone

Helping FMCG Businesses plan for a Post-Brexit future

European Union, United Kingdom - March 8 2017 At present, the principal UK laws on product liability and safety are based on EU Directives which do not have direct effect in Member States (hence…

Susan Black, Kristien Geeurickx, Josh Lom, Rachel Montagnon, André Pretorius, Joel Smith, Julie Vaughan, Howard Watson, Richard Woods, Christine Young, Isaac Zailer

Consumer Rights Act – contracts for goods, services and digital content

United Kingdom - April 17 2015 A new Consumer Rights Act, which will streamline key consumer rights covering contracts for goods, services, digital content and the law relating to…

Anthony Dempster, Howard Watson