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Freezing orders brought onto the blockchain and service of proceedings via NFTs

United Kingdom - June 20 2022 The challenge of enforcing court orders in respect of cryptocurrencies may become easier, following the settlement announced last week between the…

Chris Bushell, Rafael Lawrence, Rachel Lidgate, Charlie Morgan

High Court finds developers did not owe duty to cryptoasset owners to enable access to lost cryptoassets

United Kingdom - April 4 2022 The High Court has held that cryptoasset systems and software developers did not owe a duty to cryptoasset owners to permit or enable access to the…

Natasha Johnson

Commercial litigation podcast series - Episode 13: General update

USA - March 29 2022 In this 13th Episode of our series of commercial litigation update podcasts, we give an update on recent cases relating to force majeure in the…

Maura McIntosh, Anna Pertoldi

First third-party debt order granted by the English High Court in relation to cryptocurrency

United Kingdom - March 9 2022 The High Court has granted the first third-party debt order in relation to cryptocurrency in an application involving allegations of fraud related to…

Natasha Johnson, Olivia Odubanjo

Cryptocurrency insufficient to satisfy test for security for costs

United Kingdom - February 17 2022 In granting security for costs against a claimant company owned by Dr Craig Wright (who claims to be the creator of the Bitcoin system) and his…

Olivia Odubanjo