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FSR outlook 2023: regulators to clampdown on scams as enforcement actions rise

Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, USA - December 7 2022 In a nutshell: Much of the billions shoveled out in governments’ Covid-19 relief efforts has been diverted by fraudsters - and regulators’ efforts to…

Brittany Crosby-Banyai, Natalie Curtis, Andrew Eastwood, Marc Gottridge, Tara Kiven, Ian Thomas

Higher penalties and strengthened unfair contract terms regime under amendments to Australian Competition and Consumer Law

Australia - November 11 2022 The Federal Government has amended the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) to increase maximum penalties for contraventions of Australia’s…

Sarah Benbow, Benjamin Lyon, Nicola Magyary

ACCC proposals on regulatory reform for digital platforms expected soon

Australia - October 27 2022 Digital platforms remain squarely on the agenda of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), as the five-year Digital Platform…

Patrick Clark, Saloni Sharma, Nikita Sivakumaran

Penalties for breaches of Australian competition and consumer law set to increase

Australia - August 19 2022 On 18 August 2022, the Commonwealth Government released draft legislation proposing five-fold increases in the maximum penalties that apply to…

Linda Evans, Ben Lyons

First custodial sentences for cartel conduct in Australia

Australia - June 16 2022 Last week, the first custodial sentences were handed down in relation to contraventions of Australia’s criminal cartel laws, with custodial sentences…

Emily Ainsworth, Patrick Gay, Tomas Kemmery, Christine Wong