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Inside Arbitration: Whether virtual or physical, we can do more to make arbitration hearings sustainable

Global - July 12 2022 Our study comparing the carbon impact and expense of virtual hearings with in-person equivalents reveals in person hearings have on average 19 times…

Amal Bouchenaki, Maguelonne de Brugiere, Craig Tevendale

Inside Arbitration: The war in Ukraine - implications for investments and contracts

Russia, Ukraine - July 11 2022 In the light of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, companies worldwide have announced that they are withdrawing from Russia. Unwinding years of legal…

Hannah Ambrose, Andrew Cannon, Jake Savile-Tucker

English Court of Appeal says law governing arbitration agreement determines if non-parties are bound by it

United Kingdom - March 3 2022 In the context of an appeal of a stay application, the English Court of Appeal has considered which law should determine whether a non-party is bound…

Craig Tevendale

Russian Supreme Court says International sanctions are sufficient to ignore Dispute resolution clause

Russia - January 14 2022 Is the introduction of international sanctions against a person sufficient to justify a move of the agreed dispute resolution forum to Russia? This…

Maria Dolotova, Sergei Eremin, Alexander Gridasov, Ivan Teselkin

Future cities series - Infra disputes turning to mediation

United Kingdom - September 16 2021 Mediation is set to become a bigger part of resolving infra disputes in increasingly connected global cities. It's 2025 and you are Managing Counsel…

Susan Field, Rutger Metsch, Alexander Oddy, Craig Tevendale