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Major reform of Russian contract law

Russia - May 28 2015 Effective as of 1 June 2015, Russian Civil Code will undergo significant changes insofar as provisions relating to contract law are concerned…

Angelina Shalamova, Evgeny Yuriev

The legal framework in respect of unclaimed dividends and new tax benefits

Russia - February 4 2011 New law comes into effect setting out legal framework in respect of unclaimed dividends and establishing tax benefit in relation to property received by a company for the purposes of increasing its net assets

Evgeny Smirnov

крупнейшая реформа российского корпоративного законодательства

Russia - November 17 2014 1 сентября 2014 года вступил в силу ряд важнейших изменений в положения Гражданского кодекса РФ о юридических лицах1 («Поправки»). Так, в частности…

Alexei Roudiak, Angelina Shalamova, Yulia Zaytseva

Shareholders’ agreements under Russian joint stock company law

Russia - August 5 2009 Until recently Russian law did not recognize shareholders’ agreements (“SHA”).

Nick Moore, Hiroshi Oda

Russian M&A: key trends

Russia - January 22 2014 M&A activity in Russia was hit hard in 2013. Deal figures saw a 47% decrease in value and a 25% decrease in volume compared to 2012. More than 1,900…

Mark Geday, Allen Hanen, Olga Revzina, Alexei Roudiak, Evgeny Zelensky