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China’s green finance - key recent developments

China - July 12 2022 “Green finance” is quickly gaining momentum in China. The rise of green finance was at first driven by environmental goals when the concept of…

Calvin Ho, Yilin Pei

In review: energy regulation in China

China - June 2 2022 This article reviews the need-to-know features of energy regulation in China, including the extent of the regulatory authorities' powers, regulated activities and market access restrictions.

Linda Gao, Yilin Pei, James Zhang

Spotlight: the energy markets in China

China - June 2 2022 This article explores the key features of the energy markets in China, gauging market climate and reviewing recent developments, as well as contractual considerations for market players.

Linda Gao, Yilin Pei, James Zhang

COP26 - China's preparation to date

China, European Union - September 13 2021 China is the world's number one greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitter and plays a major role in global Climate Change Mitigation. With the notion of…


China - September 12 2021 中国是温室气体排放量全球第一的国家,在全球气候变暖减缓工作方面承担着举足轻重的角色。近年来,中国将生态文明建设纳入中国“五位一体”的总体布局,将绿色发展作为“五大发展理念”之一,积极推动国内低碳转型,并将气候变化视为国内和国际共同关注的重大问题。…