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International personal data transfers - Key changes and practical tips

European Union, United Kingdom - April 6 2022 With new rules in force in the EU and UK, we gauge how firms can navigate the evolving data landscape Following the publication of the new EU…

Peggy Chow, Duc Tran

Transfer of personal data between Europe/UK and Asia: Key changes and practical tips

Asia-Pacific, European Union, United Kingdom - March 8 2022 Following the publication of the new EU Standard Contractual Clauses (“SCCs“) last year and their UK equivalent at the beginning of this year, any…

Peggy Chow, Duc Tran

Demand for surveillance software is increasing

Global - February 17 2022 The Future of Work Report 2021: Remote/Controlled shows that a majority of employers expect an increase in employee monitoring to develop in the…

Tess Lumsdaine, Simone Ziegler

The UK’s International Data Transfer Agreement is laid before Parliament

United Kingdom - February 3 2022 Following the conclusion of the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO“) 2021 consultation on the UK’s draft international data transfer agreement…

Rob Brereton, Duc Tran

The devil's in the data - Our privacy predictions for 2022

European Union, United Kingdom - February 2 2022 This article was first published on International Data Privacy Day (that's 28 January for civilians) but the awkward truth for the business community…

Angela Chow, Chloe Kite, Duc Tran