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Global Bank Review: disruption

Global - October 20 2020 The 2020 edition of our , explores the challenges and opportunities facing banks, with the emergence and impact of the Covid-19 global health...

Antony Crockett, Andrew Procter, Vincent Hatton, Richard Woods, Paul Apáthy, Adelaide Luke, Timothy Stutt, Peter Leon, Vincent Danton, Benjamin Rubinstein, Natalie Curtis, Shivchand Jhinku, Cat Dankos, Michelle Virgiany, Rebecca Perlman, Tony Damian, Joy Amis, Arnold Pun, Caroline Rae, Barbara Roth, Siobhan Lane, Cameron Dunstan-Smith, Kwok Tang, Tyler Hendry, Katherine Gregor, Peter Jones, Michelle Curran, Alex Cravero, Frances Xu, Harry Evans, Charlotte Henry, Leonie Timmers, Federica Marra, Melanie Ryan, César Michel, Kristen Hammond, Jenny Stainsby, Hywel Jenkins, Simon Clarke, Harry Edwards, Kyle Wombolt, Sarah Benbow, Kevin Pullen, Kyriakos Fountoukakos, Miriam Everett, Christian Leathley, Brenda Horrigan, Nick May, Nicholas Peacock, Peggy Chow, Tess Lumsdaine, Jonathan Mattout, Nick Pantlin, Hannah Ambrose, Amal Bouchenaki, Nick Wright, William Breeze, Hannah Cassidy, Michael Jacobs, Susan Black, Fatim Jumabhoy, Natalia Rodriguez, Jacqueline Wootton.

Dispute resolution and governing law clauses for China-related commercial contracts

China - September 3 2020 Chinese law restricts both the choice of law and the types of dispute resolution mechanisms that can be used in China-related commercial contracts...

Stella Hu, Weina Ye, Eunice Bai, Celine Wang, Kathryn Sanger, Hew Kian Heong, Michelle Li, Cathy Liu, Helen Tang, Simon Chapman, Briana Young, Brenda Horrigan, Dominic Geiser.

Government launches pilot scheme on facilitation for persons participating in arbitral proceedings in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - July 2 2020 On 29 June 2020, the Hong Kong Government launched a Pilot Scheme on Facilitation for Persons Participating in Arbitral Proceedings in Hong Kong...

Kathryn Sanger, Simon Chapman, Briana Young.

Hong Kong: court makes winding up order where debtor unable to prove bona fide dispute on substantial grounds

Hong Kong - March 27 2020 The Hong Kong Court of First Instance has declined to prioritise an arbitration agreement where a debtor intended to dispute the existence of a debt...

Philip Lis, Kathryn Sanger, Jacob Sin, Simon Chapman, Briana Young.

Hong Kong: court dismisses set aside application where party alleges arbitration agreement a sham

Hong Kong - March 27 2020 The Hong Kong Court of First Instance dismissed an application to set aside an arbitral award, rejecting claims that the underlying agreement was a...

Kathryn Sanger, Simon Chapman, Briana Young.