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Hong Kong Court Clarifies Threshold for Setting Aside Awards

Hong Kong - August 8 2022 A Hong Kong Court recently adopted a resoundingly pro-arbitration stance in a decision which emphasised the high thresholds of irregularity that…

Antony Crockett, Simon Chapman KC, Kathryn Sanger, Briana Young

HKIAC users gain additional route to mainland interim relief and enforcement

China, Hong Kong - July 6 2022 The Supreme Peoples’ Court of the People’s Republic of China (SPC) has recently announced that the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC)…

Peijing Gong, Simon Chapman KC, Kathryn Sanger, Helen Tang, Weina Ye, Briana Young

Inconsistent dispute resolution clauses - exploring the limits of the Fiona Trust presumption

Hong Kong - May 25 2022 The presumption that “rational businessmen” intend all their disputes to be resolved in the same forum may not apply where the parties clearly…

Antony Crockett, Simon Chapman KC, Kathryn Sanger, Briana Young

Hong Kong court imposes punitive costs in failed IP claim against Alibaba citing forum shopping and non-disclosure

Hong Kong - May 13 2022 Judgment is a timely reminder of the territorial limits of IP rights as indemnity costs awarded to Chinese tech giant The internet is borderless, but…

Jojo Fan

Hong Kong court awards indemnity costs to alibaba group due to plaintiffs’ material non-disclosure and forum shopping

Hong Kong - May 10 2022 The internet is borderless, but trademarks are not. A recent Hong Kong case serves as a reminder of the territorial nature and limitation of…

Jojo Fan