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Q4 l 2020

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China Cybersecurity and Data Protection: What to know about China’s Data Security Law

China - June 29 2021 China's new Data Security Law will come into effect on 1 September 2021. It will have a profound impact on data security practices in China, as well…

James Gong, Nanda Lau.


China - June 28 2021 2021年6月10日,第十三届全国人大常委会三读通过《数据安全法》,该法将于2021年9月1日起施行。该法不仅对中国的数据安全实践意义重大,也将对处理中国数据的外国组织和个人产生深远影响。本文重点介绍了该法的关键条款,并阐述了我们的观点。…

James Gong, Nanda Lau.

China Cybersecurity and Data Protection: Monthly Update - May 2021 Issue

China - May 31 2021 This e-bulletin summarises the latest developments in cybersecurity and data protection in China with a focus on the regulatory, enforcement…

James Gong, Nanda Lau.

中国网络安全与数据保护:每月动态 - 2021年5月号

China - May 30 2021 4月29日,中国人大网公布《中华人民共和国个人信息保护法(草案二次审议稿)》,并对其公开征求意见。《个人信息保护法(草案第二次审议稿)》的修订要点包括:一是增加“依照本法规定在合理的范围内处理已公开的个人信息”作为处理个人信息的合法情形。二是规定个人信息处理者应当为个人提供便捷的撤回同意的方式;个…

James Gong, Nanda Lau.

China Cybersecurity and Data Protection: Key changes in the second draft of Personal Information Protection Law and Data Security Law

China - May 26 2021 The Personal Information Protection Law Expanded legal basis The draft PIPL expressly permits processing of personal information that is made public…

James Gong, Nanda Lau.