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SFC determines no legislative changes required to make sponsors liable for prospectuses

Hong Kong - August 26 2014 Last Friday, the SFC issued supplemental consultation conclusions covering prospectus liability for sponsors. The SFC has concluded that sponsors…

Matthew Emsley, William Hallatt

Private wealth newsletter – Summer 2014

Hong Kong - August 22 2014 What do Manchester United FC and some of Hong Kong's wealthiest family companies have in common? At first glance, perhaps not much. Although…

Richard Norridge, Gareth Thomas

Proposed changes to Hong Kong’s discrimination laws leave existing gaps unaddressed

Hong Kong - July 30 2014 Hong Kong's discrimination laws have once again come under the spotlight following the commencement of a three month Discrimination Law Review of the…

Julian Copeman, Justin D'Agostino, Dominic Geiser, Gareth Thomas

Hong Kong court rules that restrictions on disclosure under PRC laws are inapplicable – the Securities and Futures Commission v Ernst & Young (a firm)

Hong Kong - June 3 2014 In this landmark case the Hong Kong Court of First Instance was asked to inquire into non-compliance by a Hong Kong CPA firm, Ernst & Young ("EY")…

William Hallatt, Emily Lam

Court of Appeal cooks elder brother's goose in Yung Kee case by dismissing appeal

United Kingdom - April 2 2014 On 6 March 2014 the Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal in the Yung Kee Holdings Limitedfamily company dispute. In doing so, the Court of Appeal…

Justin D'Agostino, Richard Norridge, Gareth Thomas