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COVID-19 Insurance Update: Another win for policyholders - where are we now? (Australia)

Australia, United Kingdom - June 30 2021 Policyholders have had another win in the ongoing test cases relating to insurance coverage for COVID-19 related business interruption. Specifically…

Travis Gooding

Policyholder insurance highlights 2020

Australia - January 27 2021 The hot-topic in the current insurance market is whether, and to what extent, business interruption caused by COVID-19 is covered by insurance…

Paulino Fajardo, Anne Hoffmann, Peter Holloway, Philip Hopley, Paul Lewis, Guy Narburgh, Ruth Overington, Jonathan Ripley-Evans, Andrew Ryan, Gareth Thomas

Policyholders defeat insurers’ appeal in UK FCA test case on cover for COVID-19 business interruption losses

United Kingdom - January 22 2021 The momentum in favour of policyholders seeking BI cover for COVID-19 related losses continues as the English Supreme Court has unanimously dismissed…

Travis Gooding, Guy Narburgh

Update on Covid-19 Business Interruption Insurance: A Further Win for Australian Policyholders

Australia - November 19 2020 Policyholders have won the first of a number of Australian test cases about insurance cover for Covid-19 related business interruption losses. In a…

Travis Gooding, Guy Narburgh

Opal Tower builder secures liability cover for defects occurring outside policy period

Australia - November 13 2020 Icon is a construction company which built the Opal Tower at Sydney Olympic Park, with practical completion being achieved on 8 August 2018…

Anne Hoffmann