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What use are “Entire Agreement” clauses on Claims for Pre-Contractual Misleading or Deceptive Conduct?

Australia, United Kingdom - December 18 2018 The High Court of England has recently affirmed1 that an “entire agreement” clause does not exclude liability for misrepresentation. This article…

Nicholas Di Savia

Update on Covid-19 Business Interruption Insurance: A Further Win for Australian Policyholders

Australia - November 19 2020 Policyholders have won the first of a number of Australian test cases about insurance cover for Covid-19 related business interruption losses. In a…

Travis Gooding, Guy Narburgh

When ‘force majeure’ partially restricts performance

Australia - November 11 2013 The term 'Force Majeure' (FM), from the French words meaning 'major strength', is used to describe the legal concept in which a party is excused from…

Stephen Jones

Update on Covid-19 Business Interruption Insurance Claims - Australian Test Cases

Australia - November 6 2020 In previous editions of Catalyst (here and here), we explained what was happening in the UK test case on business interruption insurance cover for…

Travis Gooding, Guy Narburgh

Update on Covid-19 Business Interruption Insurance UK FCA Test Case: Declarations and Appeals

Australia, United Kingdom - October 22 2020 Developments in the UK FCA test case for COVID-19 related business interruption could have implications for similar claims in Australia. The UK Court…

Travis Gooding, Guy Narburgh