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M&A Standpoint: Committed to the deal

United Kingdom - February 3 2017 The Takeover Code's post offer undertakings (POU) regime is designed to facilitate the giving of specific, objective commitments that are legally…

LLPs: taxed as a partner?

United Kingdom - January 10 2014 New legislation will apply from 6 April 2014 to determine whether a member of an LLP should be regarded as employed or self-employed for UK tax…

Hayley Evans, Graeme Gregory, Alan Watts

LLP members not 'workers'

United Kingdom - October 5 2012 The Court of Appeal has decided that LLP members do not glean employment/worker status by reason of their LLP membership alone.

Hayley Evans, Graeme Gregory, Alan Watts

Supreme Court rules that compulsory retirement age can be lawful

United Kingdom - April 25 2012 In Seldon v Clarkson Wright and Jakes, the Supreme Court today (25 April 2012) dismissed Mr Seldon's appeal that a compulsory retirement age in a partnership deed was unlawful direct age discrimination.

Hayley Evans, Graeme Gregory, Alan Watts

Tax concerns for partnerships and LLPs: less than a month to 50%

United Kingdom - March 22 2010 The new personal income tax rate of 50% for earnings above £150,000 is set to come in from 6 April 2010.

Hayley Evans, Graeme Gregory, Alan Watts