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Compliance Check: Korea's Tough New Sexual Harassment Laws

South Korea - May 29 2018 In response to the ongoing scandals arising from the "Me Too" movement in Korea and abroad, the Korean government has responded by introducing tough…

Fatim Jumabhoy

South Korea: Compliance Check - Korean Labor Management Council

South Korea - February 27 2018 Certain employers operating in Korea are required to have a Labor Management Council (LMC). The purpose of the LMC is to promote harmonious relations…

Fatim Jumabhoy

South Korea: new government announces proposals to increase support for work-life balance

South Korea - June 29 2017 South Korea's new President Moon Jae-In has announced the Government's support for greater work-life balance for Korean employees, including…

Fatim Jumabhoy

Asia: the role of unions

Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand - April 28 2017 Unions are becoming increasingly prevalent across Asia. As the second of a two-part series on this topic, we consider the extent of union…

Florence Cheung, Fatim Jumabhoy, Tess Lumsdaine, Ardyan Winanshah Pulungan, Emi Rowse, Chotika Voravongsakul, Sarah Yazid

South Korea: changes to occupational safety and health regime

South Korea - March 22 2017 In response to a recent spate of incidents involving employers covering up industrial accidents, proposed amendments to the Occupational Safety and…

Fatim Jumabhoy