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U.S. Treasury Issues New Guidance on Russian Oil Price Cap

European Union, Russia, United Kingdom, USA - September 13 2022 Our previous blog post discussed the G-7’s recent proposal to impose a price cap on Russian oil in an effort to diminish the energy revenues of the…

Christopher Boyd, Brittany Crosby-Banyai, Daniel Hudson, Kelechi Okengwu, Michael Schoeneberger

Sanctions Tracker - Update on Price Cap on Russian Oil

Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA - September 7 2022 The finance ministers from the Group of Seven major economies (“G-7”) have issued a plan to impose a cap on the price importers pay for Russian oil…

Christopher Boyd, Brittany Crosby-Banyai, Elizabeth Head, Kelechi Okengwu, Michael Schoeneberger

Designated: A Sanctions Podcast EP6: Russian Investment Restrictions Implemented in Response to the Crisis in Ukraine

European Union, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA - August 26 2022 In this mini-series, we discuss the recent sanctions measures implemented in the U.S., E.U., and U.K. As a response to the crisis in Ukraine. In this…

Susannah Cogman, Brittany Crosby-Banyai

US Senate Calls for Designation of Russia as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”

USA - August 8 2022 On July 27, 2022, the US Senate unanimously passed a nonbinding, bipartisan resolution to designate the Russian Federation as a “State Sponsor of…

Christopher Boyd, Brittany Crosby-Banyai, Kelechi Okengwu, Michael Schoeneberger

Where are the Asian Leaders in Global C-Suites?

Global - August 4 2022 In an increasingly globalised and multicultural business environment, many corporations have sprawling empires that cover the globe. However, while…

Howard Chan, Nanda Lau