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Cross-sector merger control in Malaysia: getting closer

Malaysia - May 19 2021 Like most competition law regimes around the world, Malaysia’s Competition Act 2010 contains provisions prohibiting anti-competitive practices and…

Peter Godwin, Sophie Lenox, Adelaide Luke

Asia Pacific M&A Review 2021

USA - March 19 2021 A tale of two halves; dealmaking in the region took a 'wait-and-see' approach in the first half, but rebounded in the second half as buyers, sellers…

Peter Dunne, Irina Akentjeva, Teguh Arwiko, Nick Baker, Andrew Blacoe, Natalie Bryce, Malika Chandrasegaran, Tom Chau, Isaac Chen, Cellia Cotan Cognard, Tony Damian, David Dawborn, Gavin Guo, Clayton James, Hilary Lau, Nanda Lau, Sophie Lenox, John Ling, Jamie McLaren, Hayley Neilson, Graeme Preston, Andrew Rich, Damien Roberts, Mark Robinson, Jason Sung, Vik Tang, Tommy Tong, Nicola Yeomans

Nominee business structures - heightened scrutiny in Malaysia

Malaysia - December 4 2020 While Malaysia has been taking active steps to liberalise foreign direct investment (FDI) restrictions in recent years, restrictions in a number of…

Peter Godwin, Sophie Lenox, Jamie McLaren

Covid-19:governance: enhanced protection of companies from winding up (Malaysia)

Malaysia - May 18 2020 The Malaysian government has enhanced winding-up protection and increased the debt threshold at which a presumption of insolvency occurs. Temporary…

Amanda Tay

The international covid-19 response: an overview

Global - May 14 2020 The European Energy Handbook usually reports on regulatory, legal and market developments in the European energy sector. However, these are not usual…

Scott Aitken, Nick Altini, Gustavo Arroyo, Nick Baker, Andrew Blacoe, Dr Marius Boewe, David Clinch, Mathias Dantin, David Dawborn, Robert Dawes, Anthony Ellis, David Gilmore, Peter Godwin, Matthew Goerke, Silke Goldberg, Calvin Ho, Benjamin Hopps, Katerina Jovanovska, Sahil Kher, Hilary Lau, Nanda Lau, Christian Leathley, Peter Leon, Jie Li, Esther Lumbreras, Isha Mehmood, Francesca Morra, Ken Nam, Lorenzo Parola, Ignacio Paz, Olga Revzina, Alexei Roudiak, David Ryan, Milagros Sanz, Debby Sulaiman, Monica Sun, Evgeny Yuriev, Weili Zhong