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Construction Law Masters Podcast Series: Episode 1

United Kingdom - January 14 2020 The first Episode in this series features Sir Rupert Jackson, a barrister, former Lord Justice of Appeal and now international arbitrator, who speaks…

James Doe

English High Court grants an anti-suit injunction and confirms that the choice of arbitral seat is “analogous to an exclusive jurisdiction clause”

United Kingdom - June 5 2018 In Atlas Power v National Transmission and Despatch Company Ltd [2018] EWHC 1052 the English High Court granted a final anti-suit injunction to…

Chris Parker KC

Court of Appeal upholds “no look through” principle in immobilised securities trading

United Kingdom - November 7 2017 The Court of Appeal has confirmed that an investor holding a beneficial interest in immobilised notes has no direct claim against the issuer of those…

Simon Clarke, Ceri Morgan

The future of financial services arbitration

Global - October 1 2013 Recent years have seen rapid growth in the use of arbitration as a means of resolving disputes in the financial services sector, an area where…

Dominic Kennelly, Nicholas Peacock

Construction Law Masters Podcast Series: Soundbite 2 - Views on arbitrations

United Kingdom - February 19 2020 A soundbite of the full conversation highlighting this part of the discussion can be found on SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes. The full conversation…

James Doe, David Nitek, Emma Schaafsma