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Thailand: Preparing Valid Warning Letters

Thailand - February 27 2018 Thai labour law provides that in the event that an employee violates an employer’s work rules, regulations or orders in circumstances where the…

Chotika Voravongsakul

A Tale of Two BANIs: an update - Renewed BANI prevails against the original BANI in appeal against the decision of the Jakarta State Administrative Court

Indonesia - February 12 2018 In August last year, we reported that a new Indonesian arbitral institution had been established in mid-2016 under the name of Renewed BANI or BANI…

Jessica Fei, Peter Godwin, Alastair Henderson, Mike McClure, Kathryn Sanger, May Tai

New Thai Competition law - is it a game changer?

Thailand - November 2 2017 The new Thai Competition law, the Trade Competition Act B.E. 2560 (2017), came into force last month on 5 October 2017 (New TCA). The New TCA seeks…

Adelaide Luke, Chinnawat Thongpakdee, Chotika Voravongsakul

Thailand: Amendment to the Labour Protection Act

Thailand - August 30 2017 The draft amendment to the Labour Protection Act (the LPA) has now been approved by the National Legislative Assembly on 29 June 2017, and is…

Chotika Voravongsakul

Asia: the role of unions

Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand - April 28 2017 Unions are becoming increasingly prevalent across Asia. As the second of a two-part series on this topic, we consider the extent of union…

Florence Cheung, Fatim Jumabhoy, Lauren Lee, Tess Lumsdaine, Ardyan Winanshah Pulungan, Chotika Voravongsakul, Sarah Yazid