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Investment mis-selling claims: an overview of recent case-law in Hong Kong and Singapore and lessons to be learnt

Hong Kong, Singapore - May 23 2013 There have been a number of recent judgments dealing with financial product mis-selling claims brought by -customers against banks in the Hong Kong…

Mark Johnson, Pamela Kiesselbach, Gavin Lewis, Gareth Thomas, Kevin Yam

Dispute resolution and governing law clauses for China-related commercial contracts

China - September 3 2020 Chinese law restricts both the choice of law and the types of dispute resolution mechanisms that can be used in China-related commercial contracts…

Hew Kian Heong, Michelle Li, Eunice Bai, Brenda Horrigan, Stella Hu, Simon Chapman KC, Cathy Liu, Kathryn Sanger, May Tai, Helen Tang, Celine Wang, Weina Ye, Briana Young

English & Hong Kong courts refuse to infer common law duty of care in mis-selling claims involving non-advisory contracts

Hong Kong, United Kingdom - December 17 2013 An English Court of Appeal case heard recently confirmed that the English courts will be unwilling to infer a common law duty into non-advisory…

Gareth Thomas

Financial Services Litigation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - March 20 2019 A structured guide to financial services litigation in Hong Kong

Hannah Cassidy, Jojo Fan, William Hallatt, Valerie Tao, Gareth Thomas

Hong Kong court rules on estate administrator’s breach of fiduciary duties

Hong Kong - March 2 2015 In Tang Ying Loi v. Tang Ying Ip alias Tang Ying Yip and others (HCA 2487/2009), the Court of First Instance held that the defendants, who were…

Julian Copeman, Justin D'Agostino, William Hallatt, Richard Norridge, Gareth Thomas