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Global M&A outlook 2023 headwinds, tailwinds and fog

Global - January 20 2023 Up to 2020, the belief prevailed that M&A activity required certainty in climatic conditions in order to thrive. The pandemic upended that, as it did…

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Indonesian Financial Services Companies Are Prohibited from Marketing, Promoting and Advertising any Non-OJK Licensed Investment Products

Indonesia - July 26 2022 On 9 July 2022, OJK published a press release containing a prohibition on all Indonesian financial services companies in the capital markets sector…

Viska Kharisma Fajarwati, Dandy Firmansyah, Derian Raditya

Indonesia Update: IDX Regulation Introduces New Free Float Share Requirements

Indonesia - February 7 2022 On 21 December 2021, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) issued a new regulation - IDX Board of Directors Decree No. Kep-00101/BEI/12-2021 on the…

Viska Kharisma Fajarwati, Dandy Firmansyah, Awang Perkasa

New procedural rights as Indonesia-Singapore bit comes into force

Indonesia, Singapore - March 22 2021 Since Indonesia announced its intention to terminate and replace “all of its 67 bilateral investment treaties” (BITs) in 2014, the State has actively…

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Foreign Investment in Indonesia’s Consumer Sector: Many Distribution, Retail and Logistics Businesses Liberalised

Indonesia - March 19 2021 The new investment list under Presidential Regulation No. 10 of 2021 regarding Investment Sectors (the New Investment List), which sets out new…

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