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OJK Circular Letter on Insurance Product Distribution Channels

Indonesia - November 10 2020 Insurance companies and their distribution partners, including banks, multi-finance companies, and digital platforms, should take note of a new...

Viska Kharisma Fajarwati, Michelle Virgiany, Vik Tang.

Omnibus law insights: Are the labour reforms really pro-employer?

Indonesia - October 27 2020 On 5 October 2020, Indonesia’s Parliament passed the Omnibus Law (2020 Job Creation Law), introducing significant amendments in a range of areas...

Santi Darmawan, Narendra Adiyasa.

Omnibus Law Insights - Impact on Investment

Indonesia - October 9 2020 Indonesia's Parliament has now passed the widely heralded, but controversial, Omnibus Law, which is intended to remove a plethora of complexities and...

Santi Darmawan, Teguh Arwiko, Vik Tang.

OJK Revises Rules on Material Transactions and Changes of Business Activities by Public Companies in Indonesia

Indonesia - May 18 2020 Broader Definition of Material Transactions Regulation 17 includes a broader non-exhaustive list of transactions that can now be categorised as...

Viska Kharisma Fajarwati, Ivina Suwana.

The international covid-19 response: an overview

Global - May 14 2020 The European Energy Handbook usually reports on regulatory, legal and market developments in the European energy sector. However, these are not usual...

Esther Lumbreras, Milagros Sanz, Sahil Kher, Peter Leon, Mathias Dantin, David Ryan, Marius Boewe, Anthony Ellis, Debby Sulaiman, Jie Li, Weili Zhong, Katerina Jovanovska, Calvin Ho, Robert Dawes, Isha Mehmood, Gustavo Arroyo, Lorenzo Parola, Scott Aitken, Nick Altini, Ken Nam, Francesca Morra, Alexei Roudiak, David Clinch, Silke Goldberg, Ignacio Paz, Andrew Blacoe, Hilary Lau, David Gilmore, Christian Leathley, Monica Sun, Benjamin Hopps, Glynn Cooper, Peter Godwin, Nanda Lau, Matthew Goerke, Nick Baker, Evgeny Yuriev, Olga Revzina.