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Easier said than done - Implications for employers of UK Government's Living with Covid plan

United Kingdom - February 24 2022 Changing rules in theory is relatively simple but, as all employers can attest, the demons of unforeseen consequences emerge when policies are…

Anna Henderson, Tim Leaver

Sentencing very large organisations for health and safety and food safety offences

United Kingdom - May 20 2021 The Guideline requires a sentencing judge to follow a step-by-step approach which is summarised below. Determine the extent of the offending…

Howard Watson

Insurance and Reinsurance Disputes Annual Review 2020

European Union, United Kingdom - February 11 2021 2020 also saw some significant changes proposed to two important procedural aspects of litigation the preparation of witness statements and…

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Supreme Court reduces burden of proof for verdicts of unlawful killing in inquests

United Kingdom - January 7 2021 Coroners have a statutory duty to investigate any death within their area where the deceased “died a violent or unnatural death”; where the cause of…

Anish Patel, Howard Watson

Trust on a plate: Consumer confidence and food safety

European Union, United Kingdom - December 7 2020 Consumer confidence in the origins and safety of the food they consume is a significant aspect of food brand protection and longevity. Maintaining…

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