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Should I stay or should I go? Singapore High Court declines to stay arbitration pending review of jurisdictional ruling

Global, Singapore - April 6 2017 In a recent ex tempore judgment in the case of Loblaw Companies Limited v Origin & Co Ltd & Another [2017] SGHC 59 ("Loblaw v Origin"), the…

Alastair Henderson

UPDATE: Third-party funding of international arbitration now permitted in Singapore

Singapore - March 14 2017 We reported previously (here) on the Singapore Parliament's passage of the Civil Law (Amendment) Bill (Bill No. 38/2016) (Bill) on 10 January 2017…

Alastair Henderson, Gitta Satryani

UPDATE: Singapore passes law to legalise third-party funding of international arbitration and related proceedings

Singapore - January 11 2017 On 10 January 2017 the Singapore Parliament passed amendments to the Civil Law Act legalising third-party funding in arbitration and related…

Alastair Henderson, Gitta Satryani

Applicable law of arbitration agreements: Singapore revisits the English case of Sulamérica

Singapore - November 17 2016 In the recent case of BCY v BCZ [2016] SGHC 249, the Singapore High Court considered whether there was a valid and binding arbitration agreement in…

Alastair Henderson, Daniel Waldek

Indorsee of promissory notes not bound by arbitration agreement in underlying contract

Singapore - October 6 2016 In the recent decision of Rals International Pte Ltd v Cassa di Risparmio di Parma e Piacenza SpA [2016] SGCA 53, the Singapore Court of Appeal…

Alastair Henderson, Daniel Waldek