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Global Bank Review: Digitisation and decarbonisation - A delicate balance

Global - January 13 2022 The financial services sector may be making sustained efforts to tackle decarbonisation but even good intentions - and actions - bring risk…

Alex Cravero, Charlotte Henry, Susannah Wilkinson

Appointed Representatives reforms - ‘strengthening’ of existing regime for now but more fundamental changes likely

United Kingdom - December 16 2021 The FCA is concerned about the harm that may be caused to consumers and markets by the use of the appointed representatives (AR) regime. This is a…

Barnaby Hinnigan, Patricia Horton, Alison Matthews, Grant Murtagh

FSR outlook 2022: global update - regulating cryptocurrency markets

Australia, European Union, Japan, Singapore, Spain, USA - December 7 2021 2021 was a turbulent year in cryptocurrency markets as prices soared, declined and soared again. Regulators scrambled to assess systemic and consumer…

Alex Cravero, Natalie Curtis, Vincent Danton, Leopoldo González-Echenique, Steven Jacobs, Dana Kim, Nanda Lau, John O'Donnell, Nina O'Keefe, Steven Pettigrove, Jenny Seong, Alizee Zheng

FSR outlook 2022: future of payments - will Central Bank digital currencies revolutionise the payments landscape?

Australia, China, European Union, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, USA - December 7 2021 The use cases and support in various jurisdictions for CBDC (ie a direct liability of and payment instrument issued by a Central Bank) varies…

Natalie Curtis, Charlotte Henry, Marina Reason

IFPR: FCA publishes final Policy Statement 21/17

United Kingdom - December 3 2021 With a month to go until the Investment Firms Prudential Regime (IFPR) starts to apply on 1 January 2022, the FCA has published its final policy…

Danny Frost, Patricia Horton, Mark Ife, Marina Reason, Mark Staley, JED WILSHER