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UNCTAD publishes report on investor-state dispute settlement cases in 2020

Global, United Kingdom - September 23 2021 The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (“UNCTAD“) has recently published its report (available here) on investor-state dispute…

Andrew Cannon, Arushie Marwah.

Ecuador is Now Officially a Contracting State of the ICSID Convention

Ecuador - September 3 2021 On June 30, 2021, Ecuador’s Constitutional Court (Constitutional Court) held that President Guillermo Lasso had the power to ratify the Convention on…

Amal Bouchenaki, Daniela Paez, Carolina Rocha, Florencia Villaggi, Emily Westphalen.

Inside arbitration issue #12: Perspectives on cross-border disputes

European Union, Global, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom - July 22 2021 As we move through 2021, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be felt by many of us both in our work and personal lives. While the light…

Hew Kian Heong, Hannah Ambrose, Charlotte Benton, Amal Bouchenaki, Andrew Cannon, Chad Catterwell, Simon Chapman, Leon Chung, Alessandro Covi, Antony Crockett, Justin D'Agostino, Olga Dementyeva, James Doe, Jessica Fei, Alex Francis, Laurence Franc-Menget, Peter Godwin, Ante Golem, Alexander Gridasov, Alastair Henderson, Brenda Horrigan, Nihal Joseph, Elizabeth Kantor, Caroline Kehoe, Imogen Kenny, Konrad de Kerloy, Dana Kim, Emma Kratochvilova, Peter Leon, Dorothy Livingston, Mark Lloyd-Williams, Elizabeth Macknay, Hamish Macpherson, Lucila Marchini, Iain Maxwell, Isabelle Michou, Noe Minamikata, Charlie Morgan, Patricia Nacimiento, Vanessa Naish, Alexei Panich, Chris Parker, Elena Ponte, Paula Hodges QC, Elizabeth Reeves, Jonathan Ripley-Evans, Donald Robertson, Dominic Roughton, Gitta Satryani, Craig Shepherd, Donny Surtani, May Tai, Ivan Teselkin, Craig Tevendale, Chinnawat Thongpakdee, Thierry Tomasi, Kritika Venugopal, Florencia Villaggi, Martin Wallace, Thomas Weimann, Ben Winks, Mathias Wittinghofer, Elaine Wong, Anna Wren, Briana Young.

HSF experts contribute to ICCA Standards of Practice in International Arbitration

Global - July 14 2021 The International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) has recently released Guidelines on Standards of Practice in International Arbitration…

David Arias, Alisha Mathew.

Expert panel defines ‘ecocide’, for potential adoption as a crime to be prosecuted by the international criminal court

European Union - July 8 2021 On 24 June 2021, an international panel of legal experts (the Panel) published a legal definition of ‘ecocide’ (the Proposal, link) proposed to be…

Hannah Ambrose, Andrew Cannon, Antony Crockett, Silke Goldberg, James Palmer, Benjamin Rubinstein, Craig Tevendale.