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The devil's in the data - Our privacy predictions for 2022

European Union, United Kingdom - February 2 2022 This article was first published on International Data Privacy Day (that's 28 January for civilians) but the awkward truth for the business community…

Miriam Everett, Chloe Kite, Duc Tran

Happy international Data Privacy Day: our Predictions for 2022

European Union, United Kingdom - January 28 2022 Happy International Data Privacy Day! And what better day than today, to explore what 2022 is likely to have in store for data and privacy? One year…

Miriam Everett, Chloe Kite, Duc Tran

GDPR fines can contemplate parent group turnover: The story behind the WhatsApp fine

European Union - September 10 2021 The DPC has fined WhatsApp, an instant messaging app owned by Facebook, €225 million in relation to an investigation into its compliance…

Miriam Everett

ICO fines Marriott £18.4 million in relation to Starwood Hotel’s 2014 data breach

United Kingdom - November 10 2020 The ICO has fined Marriott Inc (“Marriott”) £18.4 million in relation to a 2014 cyber-attack on Starwood Hotels. The ICO had previously issued a…

Miriam Everett, Elena Hogg, Andrew Moir

A change in approach to subject access? ICO Publishes Updated DSAR Guidance

United Kingdom - October 29 2020 The ICO (the UK privacy regulator) has updated its guidance on data subject access rights, and the revised guidance appears to be aimed at giving…

Miriam Everett, Lauren Hudson