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FSR OUTLOOK 2023: Turning point: Third-party providers under growing scrutiny

Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom - December 7 2022 In a nutshell: Operational resilience frameworks are maturing, and regulators are considering the roles of third-party technology providers…

Hannah Cassidy, Clive Cunningham, Natalie Curtis, Cat Dankos, Lisa Fried, Marc Gottridge, David Kim, Chee Hian Kwah, Jack Moore, Chris Ninan, Jed Wilsher, Lydia Wong

The breach reporting chasm

Australia - November 1 2022 On 27 October 2022, ASIC released its first publication of information lodged under the new breach reporting regime, Report 740 Insights from the…

Andrew Eastwood, Maged Girgis, Charlotte Henry, Tamanna Islam, Alice Molan, Fiona Smedley, Abby Sutherland, Michael Vrisakis

Insurance in superannuation: AFCA complaints directly against life insurers - A thing of the past?

Australia - October 28 2022 Yesterday’s decision of the Full Federal Court in MetLife Insurance Limited v Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited [2022] FCAFC 173…

Maged Girgis, Tamanna Islam, Hugh Paynter, Crystal Sanders, Michael Vrisakis

Good Advice in Superannuation - The Elephant in the Room

Australia - October 10 2022 The Quality of Advice Review contains some very sensible recommendations with respect to financial advice in the superannuation fund setting…

Maged Girgis, Madeline Muddle, Abby Sutherland, Michael Vrisakis

The Good Advice Duty: the animals remix or back to the future?

Australia - September 28 2022 One of the very memorable catch phrases from the Animals’ song repertoire goes along the lines of “Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”…

Maged Girgis, Tamanna Islam, Fiona Smedley, Abby Sutherland, Michael Vrisakis