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Brexit: What does the UK-EU Trade & Cooperation Agreement mean for UK pension schemes and sponsors?

European Union, United Kingdom - January 5 2021 After months of negotiations the UK and the EU finally reached agreement, on Christmas Eve, over the terms of their future trading and security…

Samantha Brown, Rachel Pinto

Initial commentary on the new UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement and a webinar invite

European Union, United Kingdom - January 4 2021 On Christmas Eve, the UK and EU finalised the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) that will govern their future trading and security relationship…

Samantha Brown, Rachel Pinto

Pressure points: Key pensions-related guidance (UK)

United Kingdom - November 2 2020 A plethora of guidance is being produced to help employers and trustees deal with the issues arising from the spread of COVID-19 and the measures…

Samantha Brown, Rachel Pinto

Pensions planner: your guide to future developments sept 2020

European Union, United Kingdom - September 22 2020 Although the immediacy of the threat posed by Covid-19 may have receded somewhat during the Summer months, the pandemic continues to cast its shadow…

Samantha Brown, Rachel Pinto, Tim Smith

Pressure points: Key issues for trustees of defined benefit pension schemes (UK)

United Kingdom - July 3 2020 The table below summarises the key issues that trustees of defined benefit (DB) pension schemes should be considering in response to the impact of…

Marcus Fink, Rachel Pinto