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Global Bank Review: Clearing the fog - does your ESG agenda raise competition concerns?

Global - November 9 2021 As ESG rises up corporate agendas, competition authorities face a challenge in supporting progressive collaboration without allowing harm to…

Sarah Benbow, Susan Black, Stephanie Panayi, Joel Rheuben, Natalia Rodriguez, Joe Williams

China’s price law to target conduct in digital sector

China - August 3 2021 The State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), China's primary competition enforcement regulator, recently published a consultation draft of…

Howard Chan, Frances Xu, Hazel Xu

Cross-sector merger control in Malaysia: getting closer

Malaysia - May 19 2021 Like most competition law regimes around the world, Malaysia’s Competition Act 2010 contains provisions prohibiting anti-competitive practices and…

Glynn Cooper, Peter Godwin, Sophie Lenox

ESG collaboration and competition law: change on the horizon?

European Union, United Kingdom - March 25 2021 Agreements between undertakings that distort or restrict competition are prohibited by most competition law regimes around the world, including…

Howard Chan, Antony Crockett, Joel Rheuben, Timothy Stutt

Taking on Titans: China’s SAMR Fines Internet Companies Following Issuance of Draft Antitrust Guidelines for the Platform Economy Sector

China - December 18 2020 On 14 December 2020, China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) imposed fines against three internet based companies Alibaba…

Howard Chan, Frances Xu