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Unwired Planet v Huawei: a new FRAND injunction

European Union, United Kingdom - June 7 2017 Mr Justice Birss has once again broken new legal ground by granting what he has termed a ‘FRAND injunction in Unwired Planet v Huawei. As a reminder…

Pat Treacy

Big Data? No antitrust problem for Apple/Shazam

European Union, United Kingdom - September 10 2018 Big Data has been a focus for DG Competition for the last few years. In particular, the Commission has been interested in mergers involving the…

Stephen Smith

Will pricing algorithms be the European Commission’s next antitrust target?

European Union - March 21 2017 There has been considerable debate over the last year or so about the potential anti-competitive impacts of pricing algorithms. They could lead to…

Sophie Lawrance

Fortnite takes on Apple’s App Store in Epic antitrust battle royale

European Union, USA - August 18 2020 Apple’s App Store has been in the antitrust spotlight in Europe for a while now, since Spotify issued a formal complaint to the European Commission…

Charles Purdie, Stephen Smith

The privacy & competition law overlap: new competition rules on big data?

European Union, United Kingdom - October 3 2016 A few days ago, we reported on the European Data Protection Supervisor’s (EDPS) Opinion on coherent enforcement of fundamental rights in the age of…

Sophie Lawrance