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Compliance Guide on Personal Information Protection for SMEs

China - January 18 2022 The PRC Personal Information Protection Law (“PIPL”) came into effect on 1 November 2021. It is the first piece of comprehensive and dedicated…

Amanda Ge, James Gong, Susie Wang

员工数据保护系列 (四):招聘流程中对候选人个人信息的处理

China - December 13 2021 招聘过程中的对候选人简历的收集是人力资源过程中个人信息流转的第一步。为了评估候选人与招聘职位的匹配度,公司一般都希望尽可能多地收集到关于该候选人的信息。但是,随着《个人信息保护法》(“《个保法》”)已于2021年11月1日生效,我们建议公…

James Gong, Tiantian Ke, Susie Wang

Employee data protection series (IV): processing a candidate’s personal information during recruitment

China - December 10 2021 Colleting a candidate's resume during recruitment is the starting point of the HR data flow. Companies are keen to collect more information about the…

James Gong, Tiantian Ke, Susie Wang


China - December 1 2021 企业在进行内部调查时,对员工的个人信息处理贯穿内部调查的全流程。如公司在此期间对员工的个人信息处理不当,不仅可能会导致调查结果无法适用、调查功亏一篑,还有可能因此承担违法处理个人…

James Gong, Tiantian Ke, Susie Wang

Employee Data Protection Series (III): Impact of Personal Information Protection Law on Employer's Internal Investigations

China - November 26 2021 When employers conduct internal investigations, they always need to process the personal information of employees. If the personal information is…

James Gong, Tiantian Ke, Susie Wang