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Czech Republic: Cinema digitalisation fee dropped following an investigation into potential abuse of a dominant position

Czech Republic - June 20 2022 The Czech Office for the Protection of Competition (the “Office”) carried out a preliminary investigation into the practice of Cinema City, a leading…

Jiří Švejda

A general introduction to gambling law in Czech Republic

Czech Republic - May 11 2022 A general introduction to gambling law in Czech Republic, covering key legal definitions, applicable activities and government policies, among other things.

Kristina Kudelikova, Michaela Ružková

In review: licensing and taxation of gambling activities in Czech Republic

Czech Republic - May 11 2022 An overview of the key features of the licensing and tax regimes applicable to gambling activities in Czech Republic.

Kristina Kudelikova, Michaela Ružková

Significant changes of the unfair trading practices in the agricultural and food supply chain in the Czech Republic. Are your existing agreements compliant?

Czech Republic - April 20 2022 A bill on significant market power in the sale of agricultural and food products that would substantially alter current legislation has recently…

Jiří Švejda

European Commission rejects Czech mobile access proposals which were based on a finding of joint dominance

Czech Republic - March 16 2022 In November 2021, the Czech Telecommunication Office (the “CTU”), the national regulatory authority, submitted a draft measure to the European…

Radomír Pivoda, Jiří Švejda