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Concentrations in the healthcare sector in the Netherlands: futureproof?

Netherlands - October 17 2022 The rules for obtaining approval from the Dutch Competition Authority ("ACM") and the Dutch Healthcare Authority ("NZa") for mergers and acquisitions…

Pauline Kuipers, Reshmi Rampersad

Concentraties in de zorgsector: futureproof?

Netherlands - October 5 2022 De regels voor het verkrijgen van goedkeuring van de Autoriteit Consument & Markt (“ACM”) en de Nederlandse zorgautoriteit (“NZa”) voor fusies en…

Pauline Kuipers, Reshmi Rampersad

A risk of "greenwashing" by competition authorities?

European Union, Netherlands - September 20 2022 It is no news that sustainability is an important topic of competition policy across the EU. There is clear consensus that competition law…

Pauline Kuipers, Joost van Roosmalen

What about sustainability aspects in merger control?

Netherlands - September 20 2022 Sustainability has thus far not been a key topic for the assessment of concentrations by the European Commission or National Competition Authorities…

Lucia Antonazzi, Federico Marini Balestra

Dutch regulator actively facilitating sustainability developments

Netherlands - March 16 2022 High on the agenda of the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (“ACM”) is the topic of energy transition and sustainability. The ACM has started…

Daniëlle van de Vijver, Peter Willis