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COVID-19 - Impact on public procurement around the world

Global - April 30 2020 COVID-19 has disrupted a number of sectors on an international scale. At Bird & Bird, we recognise that a significant proportion of our client base…

Stuart Cairns, Janneke Kohlen, Tomasz Zalewski

The Italian Government's "golden powers" on strategic undertakings in the defense and national security sectors

Italy - June 9 2014 The recently published Presidential Decree February 19th, 2014, n. 35, regulates the procedures through which the Italian Government can exercise…

Healthcare M&A in Italy

Italy - August 28 2019 A wide-ranging guide to healthcare M&A in Italy, including due diligence, regulation, financing and valuation, taxes and government policy.

Federico Marini Balestra, Pierpaolo Mastromarini, Maurizio Pinto, Alberto Salvadé, Gaetano Salvioli, Mauro Turrini

In brief: defence & security procurement disputes and risk allocation Italy

Italy - January 30 2023 A concise Q&A guide to defence & security procurement disputes in Italy, including dispute resolution, indemnification, risk of non-payment and more.

Jacopo Nardelli

Misure strutturali e di semplificazione nel settore delle fonti rinnovabili: le novità del Decreto Energia e del Decreto Aiuti

Italy - May 23 2022 Decreto-Legge 1° marzo 2022, n. 17 (in G.U. N. 50 del 1° marzo 2022 in vigore dal 2 marzo 2022; convertito dalla Legge 27 aprile 2022, n. 34, in G.U…

Pierpaolo Mastromarini, Jacopo Nardelli, Camilla Triboldi