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The impact of the new VBER and VABEO rules for franchises

European Union, United Kingdom - November 17 2022 The new UK and EU competition law regimes for all types of distribution agreements (including franchises) came into force on 1 June 2022. Franchisors…

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Sports Data Rights: Genius v Sportradar settles - what does this mean for sports data rights holders and the industries they supply?

United Kingdom - October 20 2022 Less than a week into the much anticipated joined High Court / Competition Appeal Tribunal hearing, the live sports data battle between Betgenius…

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Annual Online Global Sports Day 2022

Global - October 19 2022 Bird & Bird's International Sports Group is delighted to provide you with the recordings from our second annual online global 'Sports Day'. The…

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How UK competition policy is supporting the UK’s Net Zero by 2050 goals

United Kingdom - September 20 2022 Transitioning the UK economy to net zero by 2050 is a huge but necessary task. In fact, the scientific community is of the view that net zero must be…

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UK: Reconciling the CAT’s recent judgment on Compare the Market with the new hardcore status of wide MFNs under VABEO

United Kingdom - August 22 2022 The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (“CAT”)’s decision setting aside the CMA's decision to fine Compare the Market for imposing wide "most favoured…

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