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Justice by procedure - on platforms, best efforts and manifestly infringing content

European Union, United Kingdom - February 17 2022 The Commission Guidance on Article 17 of the “Directive 2019 (790/EC on Copyright in the Digital Single Market”) provides much-sought guidance on who…

Niels Lutzhoeft

Podcast: demystifying IP and NFTs - what you need to know

United Kingdom - June 18 2021 Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are a type of cryptographic token experiencing a rapid growth in popularity this year, both in terms of number and…

Toby Bond

UK: Magmatic succeeds in infringement case for its Trunki cases

United Kingdom - October 22 2013 In July 2013, the UK court held Magmatic's Registered Community Design ('RCD') (and certain unregistered UK design rights) relating to its 'Trunki'…

Fashion Meets Gaming

United Kingdom - February 1 2022 In this podcast, Gaming & eSports Associate, Will Deller, chats to IP Partner, Rebecca O’Kelly-Gillard, about the crossover between these two giant…

Will Deller

Broadcasting & OTT Part 2: Demographic Change, Micropayments and Piracy

Global - May 14 2020 We hope you enjoy our second podcast below, which focuses on what seismic demographic change might mean for the content industry: demographic change…

Richard McMorris