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EU - The Canon-case: gun jumping before acquiring control

European Union - June 20 2022 A recent judgment from the General Court of the European Union has shed more light on gun jumping. Gun jumping means not notifying a merger that…

Joost van Roosmalen

Netherlands: Competition authorities hold the key to avoid the drastic consequences of climate change, according to Chairman Dutch ACM

Netherlands - June 20 2022 Martijn Snoep, Chairman of The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (“ACM”), spoke about ‘What is fair and efficient in the face of climate…

Daniëlle van de Vijver

Dutch competition watchdog ACM continues scrutiny of in-app payment services

Netherlands - May 18 2022 For some time, the ACM has actively been enforcing competition rules against Apple relating to in-app payment services possibilities for apps offered…

Joost van Roosmalen, Daniëlle van de Vijver

The new competition regime for distribution in the EU: Opportunities for the decade ahead

European Union, United Kingdom - May 13 2022 The Vertical Block Exemption Regulation or VBER provides for a general exemption from competition rules for all types of distribution…

Ariane Le Strat, Joerg Witting

FRAND issues under consultation from different policy perspectives

European Union - April 20 2022 Standardisation of technology generally requires holders of Standard Essential Patents ("SEPs") to commit to granting licences for the use of their…

Chloe Birkett, Joerg Witting