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Antitrust Outlook 2022 - what’s in the stars for big tech, sustainability and competition in general?

European Union - January 19 2022 2021 brought about many significant new developments in EU competition law, including landmark judgments from the EU Courts such as those in Google…

Alexander Brøchner, Pauline Kuipers, Joost van Roosmalen

Lead registration programmes may lead to competition law risks

European Union, Latvia - December 14 2021 In a recent preliminary ruling, the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) established that lead registration programmes may under certain circumstances…

Alexander Brøchner

Infringing competition law is no child’s play - Significant fines for RPM in Denmark

Denmark - November 17 2021 A Danish company producing clothes, furniture and other products for children has accepted to pay a fine of DKK 1,800,000 (EUR 240,000) for…

Frederik Haugsted

An outlook on algorithmic pricing

Sweden - November 16 2021 Pricing algorithms have been proven to be especially challenging to regulate from a legislative competition law perspective. Algorithmic monitoring…

Catherine Laflamme Jansson

Denmark has introduced a new regime for screening of Foreign Direct Investments in Denmark

Denmark, European Union - October 21 2021 Since 1 September 2021 a large number of foreign direct investments (“FDI”) in Danish companies and agreements with Danish companies will require…

Alexander Brøchner