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Beyond the boiling point - Companies and employees fined for coordinating prices for servicing natural gas furnaces

Denmark - May 18 2022 Following a Danish High Court judgement concerning illegal price fixing by a natural gas company, a trade association and two subcontractors, the…

Alexander Brøchner

Danish car dealer association runs red light boycotting a digital platform

Denmark - March 16 2022 The Danish Competition Council (“the DCC”) has, in a recent decision, found that the Danish Association of Peugeot Dealers infringed Article 6 of the…

Alexander Brøchner

New procurement regulation in Sweden

Sweden - February 16 2022 On 1 February 2022, new public procurement rules entered into force in Sweden. The aim of the changes is to simplify the procedure of the procurement…

Catherine Laflamme Jansson

Panic at the disco! Danish nightclubs fined for horizontal agreements to not open competing nightclubs

Denmark - February 15 2022 Several Danish nightclubs have agreed to pay fines for entering into agreements to not open nightclubs in the same cities or within 20 kilometres of…

Alexander Brøchner

Antitrust Outlook 2022 - what’s in the stars for big tech, sustainability and competition in general?

European Union - January 19 2022 2021 brought about many significant new developments in EU competition law, including landmark judgments from the EU Courts such as those in Google…

Alexander Brøchner, Pauline Kuipers, Joost van Roosmalen